Anonym Asked:
How many pills do you think it would take to kill me?

I don’t know and you shouldn’t try it 

Anonym Asked:
Do u think if I take a lot of Advil pills I can finally kill myself ?

I think you shouldn’t kill yourself. I think you should stay strong. You have a lot to live for! Things will get better I promise! If you want to talk you can come off anon!:)

"And your voice was all I heard."

Anonym Asked:
How do i ask him if he does , really forward or ?

just ask him

Anonym Asked:
How can he like me when we were nothing more than sex?

maybe he likes you but you just dont realize it

Anonym Asked:
Hey, I Need some advice . I've been friends with benefits with this guy since my 10th grade year in high school . ( I'm 18 and graduated now ) And , between then and now we have been off and on for quite some time . We always say like " this will be the last time " or " We can just be friends or stop talking " Right ? but, he always comes back . he always ends up calling me or texting me a month or 2 later . I don't really know what's going on in his mind ? Does he like me or what? PLEASE HELP

He likes you. Do you like him? When you like him tell him.

Sag einem Menschen mit Minderwertigkeitskomplexen niemals aus Spaß, dass er hässlich sei.

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